94116 Gum Disease

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Recent studies have confirmed that your oral health is closely linked to your overall health. What this means is that by protecting the health of your smile, you are helping to ensure your overall well being.  At the office of Christopher T. Nichols DDS,we emphasize taking a preventive approach to dental care, to help you feel and look your best. As a skilled and experienced dentist, Dr. Nichols has been providing comprehensive dental services for over 25 years to the San Francisco community. From the essentials in preventive dental care, to the highest quality restorative and cosmetic services for your smile, we offer a sweeping range of services to bring out the best in your smile. If you’re overdue for your next checkup, we encourage scheduling a visit to our office. Our preventive care services can help you avoid the onset of harmful conditions such as tooth decay and 94116 gum disease.

Gum disease has long ranked as the leading cause of tooth loss among US adults. In recent dental literature, it was referred to as “the silent epidemic” of our nation by the surgeon general. Part of the difficulty with gum disease is that it often develops a symptomatically. Without the oversight of a dental professional, gum disease can continue to progress for years without the patient knowing it. The good news about 94116 gum disease is that it’s almost entirely preventable. By making the commitment to schedule semi-annual checkups at our office, we can routinely monitor the health of your gums, teeth and jaw; checking for gum disease and a sweeping range of common dental conditions. And, when it’s caught early on, gum disease can be reversed with a professional teeth cleaning, regular brushing and flossing, and a continued commitment to scheduling checkups with your dentist twice a year. However, if allow to progress to a more advanced stage,more extensive therapy and deeper cleanings may be required to halt the progression of the disease and help restore your oral health. At the office of Christopher T. Nichols DDS, we aim to prevent the development of 94116 gum disease for our patients all together. To schedule your next check up and periodontal evaluation, call our friendly staff today!

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