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Most of us have done it — we’re running late, don’t have time to brush our teeth, and reach for the mouthwash instead of the toothbrush for a quick swish and spit. But can a habit giving brushing and flossing short shrift affect your oral health? Your San Francisco dentist has the answer.

Mouthwash can be a quick fix for bad breath, but it won’t do anything to prevent plaque buildup and protect you against dental decay. Your mouth is exposed to a lot of food particles, acid, and bacteria throughout the day. If you bypass a brushing and flossing, all of the plaque and debris are left there to promote dental disease. By brushing twice and flossing once a day, every day, you can protect your mouth against decay, cavities, and even gum disease.

Additionally, bad breath may be indicative of larger problems with your oral health. While there are times when it’s normal to experience bad breath, like following a garlic-packed dinner, eating a dish filled with onions, or after your morning coffee, you should not have bad breath all the time. Persistent bad breath is a clue that something in your mouth isn’t right. Bad breath may indicate gum disease, which is serious and could lead to tooth loss and even increase your risk for other problems affecting your health including heart disease, stroke, and complications with diabetes.  When mouthwash is used as an attempt to temporarily freshen breath, there is no problem. But mouthwash doesn’t remove the sticky plaque and bacteria that only a good brushing and flossing can.

If you notice chronically bad breath, don’t be embarrassed – your San Francisco dentist will be glad to help. We’ll never judge you or lecture you. We will work with you determine the cause of your problem and discuss the best way to resolve it. Don’t put the health of your teeth, or your body, at risk. Give us a call today.

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